Mathias Sterner's experince from commercial photography in various contexts and countries, stretches back for more than 15 years. After being based both in Stockholm and London, he today resides in the Swedish country, where he also keeps his studio. The passion for still life photography is sprung out of his fascination for the former dutch masters and the italian baroque art. He begun his career within fashion, where his timeless and somewhat cinematic approach made him formidable, with a style not easy to be mistaken. Regardless of his switch of footing in recent years, in favour of still life photography, he never seizes to enjoy shooting people. Mathias likes to think of him not starting out with a white canvas, rather a black one, that begins to reveal it's secrets.

Magazines - Dazed & Confused, Wonderland, Tank, Monocle, Bon, Livraison, Rodeo, L'officiel Italia, Apartamento

Commercial - Paul Smith, Our Legacy, Shaun Leane, Folkoperan, Tele 2, Alcro, NK, Weekday, Electrolux, EMI, Sony Music, Statens Fastighetsverk, Svenssons i Lammhult 

Agencies - Akestam Holst, DDB, Le Bureau, Prime, Volt, Lowe Brindfors, Yours, Leon & Chris, Hidden, Frankenstein, Aboud, Foxall, Sandberg&Timonen

Featured on - It's nice thatFisheyeShowstudioTrendlandDesignboomTrendtabletA Shaded View On Fashion, Plain Magazine


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